Chain Story

In 5/6 we did a chain stoy, this is mine:
It was Saturday, my Mum was yelling at me to stop watching and have my breakfast. I was waiting for my for my favourite show. Right now I have a reputation as a really lazy boy after watching TV after all Saturday and Sunday.

My name’s Patrick and I’m the best person at being lazy. Lazy is my middle name I tell everyone. All I do is sit and watch T.V I’m really fat! My Mum wants me to lose weight but I can’t be bothered. My Mum is Jennifer Hawkins and My Dad is Brendon Fevola. My mum’s a model and my Dad’s a footballer, he got moved from Carlton to the Brisbane Lions. My family has a bad reputation.

I let out a large belch “MEEEEERrRRPP” “Patrick! That’s disgusting” says Mum . ” I hate to think who is your role model”. I reply ” who needs a role model?” ” I should be able to do what I want when I want”. My sister walks in the room, my parents love her so much. ” Maybe if you had a role model like me, people would like you. I mean Taylor Swift is just the best role model ever, she is just so amazing!”

I grown,all my sister ever talks about is Taylor Swift, all day everyday. Anyway, back to me “Mum I’m hungry, bring me some breakfast” I say before Mum replies saying ” No, Patrick get out here right now and have your breakfast in here like a family”. ” Uugh, it’s too far” I say in a groaning voice “Don’t let me get the carrot Patrick.” I got ready for school and I told my Mum I’ll be fine to walk by myself but I didn’t want to go to school so instead I stopped at the Ice cream shop and pigged out on ice cream.

I ate all the ice cream and the owner yelled ” Hey you, are you going to pay for all of this”? ” Nope” I replied and ran away to the Pizza shop and I ordered 1 of everything and pigged out on pizza ” Oh no I’m late for school, oh well who gives a rats tail” Just as Patrick was about to walk out the door the owner yelled ” Are you going to pay for that” Then I replied ” Sorry brah but NO! He started chasing me down the street but I had a diversion!

I opened a cake and evil pork chop doctors swarmed all over the man, and when they went away there were only bones. He ran into a big fat walvys and it said ” You shall not pass!” In a magical voice. But I just ignored it and went around it! What a day.

100 word challenge – the noise was terrifying but

It was Saturday the 20th of May and in a couple hours I’ll have a disastorous first choire. This is what happened. A couple days ago at school we had auditions for the lead singer of a concert to raise money for our school, they said that the winner would be sent an email.

So on Saturday my freind Meg came over and exclaimed ” I am the lead singer of the singer of the concert”! I was flabbergasted. So at the concert we sang her first song, Meg walked on staged, the noise was terrifying but I had to go with the tune, It was a disaster.

Year 5 camp reflection

One week ago, the grade five’s and I went to camp wilkin in Anglesea. These are the things we did:


I got there at 10:00 in the morningwith a handful of things. when we got there, we went to a hall which was our home base.

A guy who worked at the park told us every thing about the park. There was a tennis court, a basketball court, a volleyball thing, a giant chess & checkers set plus a couple playgrounds.

But first we went to the park and did some activities. We did Bush walking, Bush art, Fishing and canoing.

The first one I did was bush walking, we went to a couple green lakes and into some mud.

The second activity that I did was fishing. For fishing we had rods, it was my first time fishing. The fish was too small to take the whole prawn, they only took little nibbles off.
But some people did catch fich like a guy called Fin and a girl called Lily.

The third activity was bush art, I did frankenstein, made of bush. Bush art was quite cool, I liked other peoples bush art because it was very bush arty.

The last was canoing, I was in the boat with Fin, canoing was the best of all because we had to go under a bridge, and the bridge was really low so we had to lie down in the boat. It was a really tight squeeze.

For dinner that night we had schnitzel. The only bad thing was that I was apart of a group called duty group taht had to help clean up that day.

DAY 2:
For breakfast we had a choice of six different cerials and oats. They also had toast with flavours and juice.

The first activity I did that day was bike riding, bike riding was tough sometimes when we went through the mud and grass.

The second activity we did was initiatives. In initiatives we had to work as groups or a group to get past and workout things.

The third and best activity I did for day 2 was the high ropes. At the high ropes we got let up 8 meters up with harnesses and ropes. At the start I thought that I couldn’t do it, but then I got through it.

The last activity I did was the rock climbing wall. We had two people at the bottom pulling and the other person climbed. On one of the walls there was a tiny bit that was loose, and it took a while for me to get past it.

For dinner that night I had a type of pasta.Also that night we had a type of pasta for dinner. Then an hour after dinner we had a disco.

The disco was really cool and played good music, even lady gaga was there(someone dressed up as).

Day 3:
On day 3 my cabin mates and I slept in to about 7:25 until the teacher walked in and said ” 5 minutes to Breakky”. He was suprised to see that we were still asleep since the rest have been up to 5:30 doing things in their cabin.

A while after breakky we got started on the final activities.

First one was the flying fox.Which you were in a chair and went pretty fast, then at the end you just went BANG and flung up like a rollercoaster.

Second was archery, I hit the board once, but didn’t get in the circle. A girl called Lily got red. They were only plastic with wood though.

Third and second last was low ropes. we had to go through heaps of challenges like the high ropes, but the ropes were really close to the ground.

The last one of all was bush cooking. We cooked doh through camp fire. Then added margarine and it tasted really nice.

After everything we had a barbeque with burgers and sausages, had some free time then went home.

My favourite thing over all was the high ropes because it was a challenge for me to do it.
I also thought that the food was really good.

Bed time -We went to bed any time we liked before 10 and it was lights out at 10. We got up at 7:30 to go to breakfast.

I give the camp 9 high ropes out of 10.

The handy man

“HANDY MAN, HELP” screamed a lady who was being kidnapped. A superhero called the handy man had been saving people in Hanville for quite a while now. The handy man flew as fast as a rocket to a rooftop of a building which the kidnapper was about to through the lady off. “AAAAAAAH” screamed the lady again when she got thrown off the building.

She closed her eyes but then felt the ground... softly. The citizens saw the hand man swoop past and fly away.” Tremendous” said a man, “Amazing” exclaimed a woman.

At a science class of a school called Hanville high, Jonny Harn talked a million words a second explaining how he turned water into steel with a couple things. “ Thankyou¸ for your excellent explanation on whatever it was” sarcastically said the science teacher. Jonny Harn likes Natalie. Jonny went up to Natalie and shyly asked if she wanted to go to his place tonight and she said yes.

That night at Jonny’s place they were talking about the science project, when Jonny went to heat up the fire but then his glasses fell in. Jonny suddenly turned around without thinking, but then Natalie saw that Jonny was the handy man...

Mrs Rayson’s 112 word challenge

Glitter Text @
I stood on the new balcony, I was scared, I had great horror. This is how this happened. About a month ago Mum and Dad talked about moving houses, they said I'd love it. Then suprisingly, I saw some of the paperwork and saw that it was $500, I didn't see the house.

I was smiling in my room, my friend on skype told me a funny joke. Suddenly my Mum and Dad came into my room, they said pack your bags. We were going, at 7:00 at night, the worst day of my life, worst day of my life.

To: 7 Harold court, Brisbane, Australia, 4578.
From: Natalie Brown.
P.S. Picture of my house below.

Movie madness

Q1.Boy – Adventurous, keen to find his Grandfather, smart. Likes Science. Girl – Scared of the place sometimes, wants to go to high school. Hank (stepdad of boy) Trying to handle boy, strong, tall, almost fearless. Dad of girl – Funny, a bit weird, poor, scared.
Q2. Questions I would ask: Boy:
1. What was your favorite part of the adventure?
2. Did you take anything from the Island home?
3. If the Island was still there, would you go there again?
4. How long were you on the island?
5. What was your favourite thing on the island?
Q3. My sequel is called Journey 3 the brothers grimm. In this movie all fairy tales come to life, they have to battle witches, humpty dumpty and even the big bad wolf!
Q4.I enjoyed
When they had to get out of the island
When they battled the bee’s and
When the boy and stepdad found out about the island.
Q5. In the movie a boy finds out with help from kis stepdad that there’s an Island in the middle of the pacific ocean. Then they find an island with mysterious things on there like tiny elephants and ginormous lizards. But the islands going to sink to the ocean, what will they do? Overall I give it 3 coke bottles out of 5.

100 word challenge – 5 words

It was ten minutes before midnight, my parents were out and my babysitter went home, I was alone. I heard a noise downstairs, the noise was terrifying but I just wanted to see it. I creeped down the stairs very slowly, very carefully. The noise got louder and louder, I got more scared by the second.

At that moment the door opened, phew, Mum and Dad’s home but hey’re wearing a robbery mask, they took the mask off, “AAAAAAAAAHHHH”. That wasn’t Mum and Dad, it was something, something hairy and scary. Boom, boom, boom, it was walking up the stairs. I rang Mum and Dad.

Soccer School

I reckon that it’s a really cool idea to put soccer into literacy and maths and teach the kids. They also learn how to play, learn more skills and practice five days in a week. But you can’t learn everything from soccer. They’re also teaching them phsics by how the ball gets kicked up in the air.

It made me wonder how many subjects you could teach through soccer.
How long has this school been running from?
Who invented this?

200 word challenge

James opened his door quietly so his Mum and Dad couldn't hear him. James was trying to sneak into his Mum and Dads bedroom to get his Nintendo back. He had lost his Nintendo because he crept out of school for a day to play with his Nintendo! James got as far as the stairs but the dog barked which woke Julie (John's Mum) up. The next day

James miserably woke up and write in his diary " Go to your room" my mother said. After that James went to school and the first thing he had to do was a History test. James was so tired that by the end of the test he didn't even get one question right. Now John felt really bad about himself, he felt so bad that he went spastic and lost 4 friends over it.

That night he went to bed early and had a 12 hour sleep. It was also Saturday so he went to his 4 friends houses and said sorry. Luckily, he also got to do the test again since the teachers made a mistake. John also got his Nintendo back and played games on it for the weekend, but what happened after that?

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