BTN – The super trawler

This BTN clip was about the super trawler. The super trawler can catch more than 250 tonnes of fish a day and can hold as much as 6200 tonnes. The net is also as big as 13 jumbo jets so could catch other marine life . The two types of fish it goes after is Jack Mackerel and Red Bait. Now that’s became a huge debate if the super trawler should be banned or not.

My point of view on this is that if it’s worth arguing about than it should probarbly not be around and be banned. I also choose the against (banning it) because it could be dangerous for the fish and it’s not good for buisnesses.

It made me wonder about remote control boats. Like in the future they could make a normal or super trawler size boat remote controlled. If you look on youtube you can probarbly find a life-sized remote control car actually being controlled, it’s cool as. I should probarbly make a nerd corner with like jaycar and doctor who and everything in between.

Anyway, my questions are:
1. Who runs the buisness of the super trawler?
2. How long doen it take to make somthing like this?
3. How many crew are on the ship?
4. Does the person who own this own the trawler as well?
5. Could it crash like titanic if it hit an iceberg?
6. How much money does 1 fish cost?
7. How fat does it go?
8. How much questions should I ask about this?

I did’nt really have feelings for this because the net has’nt klled other marine life. Also we need fish for buisnesses and to eat. Also I can’t yet make a connection with something similar that has happened in my life because I hav’nt been fishing yet or anything but I might be able to go in a couple weekends or something.

Literacy Reflection

A while ago we had a literacy week and we did different things like acting. We decided to do a commercial. Rory, Xavier and I went together and did uncle Toby’s oats. I could of projected my voice a bit more or even practiced my expressions. Our add goes like this:

Rory: Are you always late for work? Are you finding it hard to finish your breakfast on time?

Xavier: Then you need to try uncle tobys oats 90 second satchets.

Me: They have no artificial colours and flavours and come in creamy honey, brown sugar and mapel syrup.

Rory: Now I can get to work early

Writing Workshop

For this writing workshop we did description of setting using senses. We had to get a picture and describe what you can see, smell, hear, taste and touch in that picture. I got one of a beach and described me surfing. This was my thing:

The water was no longer cold, it was now as perfect as the heater on high. I saw a wave coming, I started paddling on my board,3,2,1, awwww wipeout. The water tossed me around. Disgusting, I swallowed that salty water, that’ll ruin my taste buds for dinner. But I’m not going to give up. I could see and hear a wave coming, I started paddling, I stood up and luckily caught the wave.

I think at the moment I’m not very good at describing the setting but with practice I could get better. I still think I learnt from this workshop though.

BTN – Donor Dog

This news report was saying that cats and dogs can give blood to other cats and dogs, it’s like it’s there own race. I agree with what they’re doing because if they like cats and dogs there saving other cats/dogs lives. Also it’s a great idea, and one day the future of us will figure out how to give it to humans.

Like I said before it made me wonder about the future of giving blood and things. I also wonder if you can do this sort of thing with other animals. Who thought of this idea? Not done yet fully

Rhino Horn

In the BTN clip the news reporter exclaimed that the rhino’s were dying so that the poches could get their horns. But then they thought of an idea: To make them go to sleep, then cut off their horns. Also horns can be sold for sixty thousand dollars and can be used for medicines in Chinese or Asia.

I think that it’s cruel enough to even cut off their horns. I’ts better that there not killing them, but their horns are one of the main things of the rhinos. It made me wonder about the french revolution where they cut off 40,000 heads. What type of medicine/potion makes them sleep? I feel that they’re being cruel. But it does’nt remind me of anything that’s happened to me.

Maths reflection

For maths we have been working on a map of our school.
We started looking at maps of universities a couple days ago, then looked at what we needed to include and what would be nice to include.

Then we started on our drafts by reference of the maps that an architect did of our school. I’ve just started on my good copy of my map so hopefully I’ll finish it.

We are also working on geography and mapping as a sub – topic for the Olympics. So it’ll help with that.

I learned that a good way to do it is to look at the scale and double the size from Mr. Larkin. I found the map hard as I’m not good at drawing but Mr. Larkin’s idea helped me alot with the project. I think I find mapping and geography much easier now.

Literacy reflection

For Literacy we have 3 workshops a week and a rubric to get through.
The three types of workshops we do is reading, writing and blogging workshops.

Blogginq workshop: We did two tasks, those tasks were
1. We had to add to our big idea page of what we have been doing this term for the Olympics.
2. An 100 word challenge on why you think school is so important.

Writing workshop: We looked at a book called window and then after we described what you would see, hear, feel and all that in the picture without saying where you are. These things are called adverbs.

Reading workshop: We read a writing text, then it asked us 4 or 5 questions. Say one of the questions were was mum angry when she ran out of petrol, how do you now that? So look at the text and it says ” The car suddenly stopped and she beeped the horn loudly. It won’t say “Mum was angry so she beeped the horn”. I think it’s called inference.

Plus for the rubric I’m almost done, I’ve just got a couple to go.
I have learned a thing called adverbs this week. I have herd it before, but didn’t really know what it was. I also found the reading workshop easy because I have already had practise on inference.