Big idea term 3 – The olympics

For the third term we’re doing the olympics with three sub – projects: History, Economics and geography.

Before we started the project, we had workshops on australian, British and European histoy and olympic history. We also did economics and geography workshops.

For Australian history we looked at a timeline of australian history, it had one for each of the years.

So far I’ve done a bit about ancient greece for history including the Trojan war, timeline and myths about how or why the olympic games started. For geography I’ve done an ancient greece map and for economics I have got some graphs about how much tickets cost, the cost of the equipment and some other things. I am also starting soon on an oympic stadium.

After then the expo has been and I finished my book, stadium and a poster that I started. I also started and finished 3 extra pages of economics. Then at the expo sat with Bailey witch did pole vaulting. He did a map of the world, book on pole vaulting and a movie on pole vaulting.

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