Maths Reflection

For the last couple weeks for Maths we have done angles and we started doing year 5,7 and year 9 tests. We are also making a video, and thinking of your strength in maths which might turn into a workshop later.

From angles I have learned the reflex angle. I didn’t know that type of angle before but I have wondered how you get over 180 degrees. I have also learned a angles pattern, which is:

3 sides= 180 degrees
4 sides= 360 degrees
5 sides= 540 degrees
6 sides= 720 degrees
7 sides= 900 degrees … leave a comment if you can see the pattern.

I havn’t just learned a thing or two from the teacher but I’ve learned Pi from my very smart partner Mitchell. To measure the circumference you go Diameter times Pi and to measure the area you go Pi times Radius squared, and all this is pretty good for Mitchell to known it since he’s a Grade 5. I reckon to take my learning further with Pi I could start trying to estimate how long I travel around a circle with maths.

Also Mitchell and I did a year 7 test and got 29/30 on that together, but we are not the only ones that got good or even 100 percent on the test. Mitchell and I or just me are going to do the year 9 tests which hopefully we will get at least nearly what we got on the year 7 test.


Mitch and I did a video called ‘Mitchell does Pi’. We then had to present to another group and get feedback. We went with Gabby and Tabby and they did a trailer on algebra. Although it didn’t tell us much it was slightly amusing. Tommorow we are hoping to get done a video called ‘The dangles of letters in angles’.


We tried to find a filming spot with no noise but it seemed that every time we went some where luck wasn’t on our side. So tommorow we will have the green screen room which is the quitest room in the building.


Today we did the dangles of letters in angles. There were no distractions in the greeen room, it only took two or three tries and we were done in no time. Next time we will be doing the workshops but I won’t be able to write about that.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of the soccer oval near me which is nearly a circle. I should see how much is the circumference of it to take my learning further. But since it is an oval I might just have to go around, I predict maybe 450m.

Literacy Reflection

For our literacy rubric week three and four we have seven tasks to complete (including this one), so far I have only done the information report planner but I’m proud of it because I di two pages including a photo, this was about hexapod robots called Chopsticks and Chopsticks Junior:

Introduction – Chopsticks

Chopsticks is a hexapod robot that has unique playing features, this robot takes 3-4 days to build, is difficult to make but when build this robot is for all ages .

Making it

Chopsticks legs was made out of disposable bamboo sticks with Polymorth for sticking things together. His eyes is infrared tracking for close range which adds to his playful personality, the rest of the parts I am not sure of. If you just type in Chopsticks robot one of the first sites will sy DIY: Chopsticks spider robot or something like that. If you click on that, it will have some videos and then a step by step guide of how to make him.

Chopsticks Junior

Chopsticks Junior basically uses the same parts but has 4 legs and he’s smaller.

Ofcoarse the information report had much more than this but this is just a breif summary of the plan. Anyway, last night I went to work on my maths reflection at home but then somehow it all got deleted, but I re-blogged that anyway.


Reading Workshop
MR.Dando made us read for ten minutes and then choose a descriptive part of the story that you read. I have the book Chess Nuts which is about a chess team which a sporty boy joins and then there’s the bully Flash Buckley who doesn’t want him to play chess. I havn’t read it all yet.

Writing Workshop
In Mr. Mahon’s workshop we looked at the classifaction of an information report. I never knew that classification was the same as the introduction. Knowing that could be useful for the information report next fortnight. I think that the teachers are really doing well building up our knowledge for information reports because they’ve had a workshop and a plan on the rubrik.

Blogging Workshop
I don’t think much people including me have finished the task but the task is/was explaining our favourite color that goes like this:
What you think of it

So I think I’ve learned alot so far this fortnight but I probarbly need to do more tasks because it’s due Wednesday next week. I could take my learning further by doing extra on the tasks and I think I should work on my rubrik a bit of this weekend to catch up a bit.

I could also take my learning further by maybe if I say do a bad Introdudtion/Classification I could see where I went wrong and write it down. I was also thinking of just doing extra posts on my blog or pages so people don’t just read the work and stories.

5 card Flickr – A car for christmas

Five Card Story: A car for christmas

a Five Card Flickr story created by fitzo

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

Nathan and Dave looked at the TV with grinning faces, the front cover for christmas had to be chosen and the people with the best photo would win a car for christmas. That day they went to the zoo with their parents, and at the zoo they found an animal they hav’nt seen before, so they took a picture. That night was christmas Eve and they entered the strange photo hoping that it was something that would change history forever. For christmas they had a strange suprise, Nathan got a wii and Dave got a playstation but out the front was a stretched black limo and news reporters, when they came out they discovered that the photo was a dinosaur.

Description of setting of The Beach

I could see the other surfers padding on their board to catch the 3 metre wave, the water stretching out to to the horizon and teens in bakini’s.

I could hear the squaking seagulls trying to steal the last chip, the girls screaming when they fell the cold water without a wetsuit and my fans calling my name.

I could smell seaweed, food such as cheesy crackers, the egg on pizza, chips with chicken salt and the sea smell. I also smell my ice cold pepsi max.

I could taste the chips with a sprinkle of chicken salt, and a can of pepsi max for maximum potential.

I could feel a small sea breeze drift past me.

BTN – The super trawler

This BTN clip was about the super trawler. The super trawler can catch more than 250 tonnes of fish a day and can hold as much as 6200 tonnes. The net is also as big as 13 jumbo jets so could catch other marine life . The two types of fish it goes after is Jack Mackerel and Red Bait. Now that’s became a huge debate if the super trawler should be banned or not.

My point of view on this is that if it’s worth arguing about than it should probarbly not be around and be banned. I also choose the against (banning it) because it could be dangerous for the fish and it’s not good for buisnesses.

It made me wonder about remote control boats. Like in the future they could make a normal or super trawler size boat remote controlled. If you look on youtube you can probarbly find a life-sized remote control car actually being controlled, it’s cool as. I should probarbly make a nerd corner with like jaycar and doctor who and everything in between.

Anyway, my questions are:
1. Who runs the buisness of the super trawler?
2. How long doen it take to make somthing like this?
3. How many crew are on the ship?
4. Does the person who own this own the trawler as well?
5. Could it crash like titanic if it hit an iceberg?
6. How much money does 1 fish cost?
7. How fat does it go?
8. How much questions should I ask about this?

I did’nt really have feelings for this because the net has’nt klled other marine life. Also we need fish for buisnesses and to eat. Also I can’t yet make a connection with something similar that has happened in my life because I hav’nt been fishing yet or anything but I might be able to go in a couple weekends or something.

Literacy Reflection

A while ago we had a literacy week and we did different things like acting. We decided to do a commercial. Rory, Xavier and I went together and did uncle Toby’s oats. I could of projected my voice a bit more or even practiced my expressions. Our add goes like this:

Rory: Are you always late for work? Are you finding it hard to finish your breakfast on time?

Xavier: Then you need to try uncle tobys oats 90 second satchets.

Me: They have no artificial colours and flavours and come in creamy honey, brown sugar and mapel syrup.

Rory: Now I can get to work early

Writing Workshop

For this writing workshop we did description of setting using senses. We had to get a picture and describe what you can see, smell, hear, taste and touch in that picture. I got one of a beach and described me surfing. This was my thing:

The water was no longer cold, it was now as perfect as the heater on high. I saw a wave coming, I started paddling on my board,3,2,1, awwww wipeout. The water tossed me around. Disgusting, I swallowed that salty water, that’ll ruin my taste buds for dinner. But I’m not going to give up. I could see and hear a wave coming, I started paddling, I stood up and luckily caught the wave.

I think at the moment I’m not very good at describing the setting but with practice I could get better. I still think I learnt from this workshop though.

BTN – Donor Dog

This news report was saying that cats and dogs can give blood to other cats and dogs, it’s like it’s there own race. I agree with what they’re doing because if they like cats and dogs there saving other cats/dogs lives. Also it’s a great idea, and one day the future of us will figure out how to give it to humans.

Like I said before it made me wonder about the future of giving blood and things. I also wonder if you can do this sort of thing with other animals. Who thought of this idea? Not done yet fully