My Mum, Dad and I were in the elevator of an Ireland Museum. Suddenly Mum and Dad got out of the elevator while I was still in. But worse, I was with a Grandma who put her hand on my shoulder. I felt a shiver and I started to sweat, my nerves were getting to me…
But after ten horrifying seconds I heard a ding and sprinted out of the elevator and found my Dad.

Another time I was courageous was at Year 5 camp, I had two things happen actually. One was when my cabin was late for breakfast by about half an hour, but that was more a shock then being courageous. That also happened to Callum who was near my cabin
The day I was late for breakfast was the day I did the high ropes, which is an 8ft high course where you have to get past all obstacles and jump off at the end. First we had to climb up the horseshoes with somebody holding a rope if you fell. So when I got up there I did was the tight rope, followed by the Spiderman web across to the jumping logs, to the semicircle ropes and then jump off and hit a ball at the leap of faith.

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