Maths Reflection

For the last couple weeks for Maths we have done angles and we started doing year 5,7 and year 9 tests. We are also making a video, and thinking of your strength in maths which might turn into a workshop later.

From angles I have learned the reflex angle. I didn’t know that type of angle before but I have wondered how you get over 180 degrees. I have also learned a angles pattern, which is:

3 sides= 180 degrees
4 sides= 360 degrees
5 sides= 540 degrees
6 sides= 720 degrees
7 sides= 900 degrees … leave a comment if you can see the pattern.

I havn’t just learned a thing or two from the teacher but I’ve learned Pi from my very smart partner Mitchell. To measure the circumference you go Diameter times Pi and to measure the area you go Pi times Radius squared, and all this is pretty good for Mitchell to known it since he’s a Grade 5. I reckon to take my learning further with Pi I could start trying to estimate how long I travel around a circle with maths.

Also Mitchell and I did a year 7 test and got 29/30 on that together, but we are not the only ones that got good or even 100 percent on the test. Mitchell and I or just me are going to do the year 9 tests which hopefully we will get at least nearly what we got on the year 7 test.


Mitch and I did a video called ‘Mitchell does Pi’. We then had to present to another group and get feedback. We went with Gabby and Tabby and they did a trailer on algebra. Although it didn’t tell us much it was slightly amusing. Tommorow we are hoping to get done a video called ‘The dangles of letters in angles’.


We tried to find a filming spot with no noise but it seemed that every time we went some where luck wasn’t on our side. So tommorow we will have the green screen room which is the quitest room in the building.


Today we did the dangles of letters in angles. There were no distractions in the greeen room, it only took two or three tries and we were done in no time. Next time we will be doing the workshops but I won’t be able to write about that.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of the soccer oval near me which is nearly a circle. I should see how much is the circumference of it to take my learning further. But since it is an oval I might just have to go around, I predict maybe 450m.

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