BTN – The super trawler

This BTN clip was about the super trawler. The super trawler can catch more than 250 tonnes of fish a day and can hold as much as 6200 tonnes. The net is also as big as 13 jumbo jets so could catch other marine life . The two types of fish it goes after is Jack Mackerel and Red Bait. Now that’s became a huge debate if the super trawler should be banned or not.

My point of view on this is that if it’s worth arguing about than it should probarbly not be around and be banned. I also choose the against (banning it) because it could be dangerous for the fish and it’s not good for buisnesses.

It made me wonder about remote control boats. Like in the future they could make a normal or super trawler size boat remote controlled. If you look on youtube you can probarbly find a life-sized remote control car actually being controlled, it’s cool as. I should probarbly make a nerd corner with like jaycar and doctor who and everything in between.

Anyway, my questions are:
1. Who runs the buisness of the super trawler?
2. How long doen it take to make somthing like this?
3. How many crew are on the ship?
4. Does the person who own this own the trawler as well?
5. Could it crash like titanic if it hit an iceberg?
6. How much money does 1 fish cost?
7. How fat does it go?
8. How much questions should I ask about this?

I did’nt really have feelings for this because the net has’nt klled other marine life. Also we need fish for buisnesses and to eat. Also I can’t yet make a connection with something similar that has happened in my life because I hav’nt been fishing yet or anything but I might be able to go in a couple weekends or something.

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