Rhino Horn

In the BTN clip the news reporter exclaimed that the rhino’s were dying so that the poches could get their horns. But then they thought of an idea: To make them go to sleep, then cut off their horns. Also horns can be sold for sixty thousand dollars and can be used for medicines in Chinese or Asia.

I think that it’s cruel enough to even cut off their horns. I’ts better that there not killing them, but their horns are one of the main things of the rhinos. It made me wonder about the french revolution where they cut off 40,000 heads. What type of medicine/potion makes them sleep? I feel that they’re being cruel. But it does’nt remind me of anything that’s happened to me.

One thought on “Rhino Horn

  1. Liam I like how you have set out your work. What other questions and wonderings do you have? What other persuasive words could you use to get the reader to agree with you?
    Miss Mahon

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