Literacy reflection

For Literacy we have 3 workshops a week and a rubric to get through.
The three types of workshops we do is reading, writing and blogging workshops.

Blogginq workshop: We did two tasks, those tasks were
1. We had to add to our big idea page of what we have been doing this term for the Olympics.
2. An 100 word challenge on why you think school is so important.

Writing workshop: We looked at a book called window and then after we described what you would see, hear, feel and all that in the picture without saying where you are. These things are called adverbs.

Reading workshop: We read a writing text, then it asked us 4 or 5 questions. Say one of the questions were was mum angry when she ran out of petrol, how do you now that? So look at the text and it says ” The car suddenly stopped and she beeped the horn loudly. It won’t say “Mum was angry so she beeped the horn”. I think it’s called inference.

Plus for the rubric I’m almost done, I’ve just got a couple to go.
I have learned a thing called adverbs this week. I have herd it before, but didn’t really know what it was. I also found the reading workshop easy because I have already had practise on inference.

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