Maths Reflection

In the past school weeks in Maths we have been assigned to do a workshop. I had to do one on percentages. We had to create an online store and buy fake products and fake sell them and make a %15 profit all together. I was partners with Aaron, we have 9 products on our fake buying site, and I think we did pretty well.

I already knew percentages before and the 10% method of percentages, but I wanted to learn how to figure out the full price of something if it had % off, or minusing percentages. Example: If I had $150 and I wanted to take off %15 first I find 10% of 150 which is 15 and then 5% = 22.5 and if you take that off $150 it is $127.25.

Start Stop Poetry

While it rained,
the electricity went out,
the flowers grew,
football was cancelled,
the tennis courts became slippery,
while it rained.

When the clock ticks,
a new baby is born,
somewhere someone dies,
a new machine is invented,
the sun rises,
the sun sets,
the moon comes out,
when the clock ticks.

When the sun rises,
I get up slowly and smell eggs and bacon,
the water from the night drips off the leaves and onto the grass,
the suns rays come through the window and make me up,
when the sun rises.

Reflection on the previous weeks

Our Big Idea topic for this term is science. So we had to bring a picture in of anything scientific, and I brung in an adult in a science lab adjusting some chemicals to form new ones. We then watched a video on YouTube about everything that is science. In the following minutes we then had to choose some topic within science which you will research, I chose Physics and Psychology, which you chose either one or the other.

I chose Physics because I want to know more about things like the motions/laws of gravity and what exact degrees you and kilometres an hour you have to throw if you want to throw a ball in a bucket or in a hole at the other side of the park.

I also thought of Psychology because I want to learn more about the secrets behind Psychological magic trickss where they guess the Country or the word. I also wanted to learn about how the brain develops and how we think.

So I did some research and found way more information on Physics than I did on Phycology. I went to a Physics site called Fizzics Fizzle and found out mainly about vector quantities and the SI system/ metric system.

The vector quantities on the websie tolled me that in a begginers point of view; if you have a vector of 20 to the right and a vector of 10 to the left then your vector quantity will be 10 to the right. But a vector quantity does not just consist of left and right .

This was one of the examples on the website:

Your father tells you that he lived about 10 km away from his school and he walked through a blizzard in his bare feet to school and it takes him about 5 hours. So what was the distance he traveled? This is sometimes hard to calculate. If he walked in a straight line, through trees and houses and anything else in the way, it would be 10 km. But the most accurate way to measure it is to connect all of his footprints and measure how long it is. Let’s say we connected all the footprints and found out he actually walked 15 km.

So his distance is 15 km…
…and his displacement is 10 km in the direction of his school (note that the direction must be stated for vector quantities, unless it’s 0).
Therefore, his speed was 3 km/hr…
…and his velocity was 2 km/hr in the direction of his school.

I thought that that was a very good example that the site came up with, now right now you might me thinking god help me I HAVE NO IDEA. Well that’s what I thought at the start but if you think it through it took him five hours to get to school so if his distance was 15km/ph divided by 5 hours it is 3km/ph and the displacement in the direction of his school is 10km/ph and wen you divide it by 5 hours you come up with 2km/ph.

Here is some of the formulas for that:

Speed is calculated by taking the distance traveled divided by the time traveled. The magnitude of velocity is calculated by taking the displacement made divided by the time traveled.

So if I have a distance of 50 kilometres and travelled it in 75 hours than obviously your speed is 1.5km/ph or 1 and a half kilometers per hour.

With the other formula as we were saying before with 20 right and 10 left wether it’s meters or whatever 10 to the right is the displacement. So lets say the displacement is 10 kilometers and takes 5 hours the magnitude of velocity is 2 km/ph.

Student Blogging Challenge – 10 people

Student Blogging Challenge

Issac Newton

What did you know about gravity and force before an apple fell from a tree?

Wilbur Wright

When you and your brother invented air travel did you want it to be just you to be the  one to invent it?

Elvis Presley

How much money have you spent on your career around about

Heath Ledger

What was your first movie?

Michael Jackson

How much money have you spent on plastic surgury?

Adolph Hitler

How long were you thinking about poisining yourself?

Barrack O’bama

At what age did you want to be prime minister?

Julian Assange

What was your fiavourite computer or prototype?

Steve Jobs

What do you think is the greatest feature about the iPhone

Bill Gates

Who is the future of Microsoft?


2013 school

I have just started a new year of school a couple weeks ago and basketball under fourteens has been on. In the first three days of school we got a spelling test and a year 5/6 maths test.

We have also started an investigation topic which is “Inventions and Discoveries”. Plus for my first game of Basketball our team The Celtics won twenty-eight to twenty-one.

Since I am year six now I get a prep buddy, my prep buddy is named Harry Dower. The Grade sixes are also arranging a picnic with our buddy or buddies, since some people have two.

In Maths at the moment we are working on saying numbers in different ways and working on saying bigger numbers into the trillions,billions and more. We are also looking at the value of different things through the school Ipads.


My Mum, Dad and I were in the elevator of an Ireland Museum. Suddenly Mum and Dad got out of the elevator while I was still in. But worse, I was with a Grandma who put her hand on my shoulder. I felt a shiver and I started to sweat, my nerves were getting to me…
But after ten horrifying seconds I heard a ding and sprinted out of the elevator and found my Dad.

Another time I was courageous was at Year 5 camp, I had two things happen actually. One was when my cabin was late for breakfast by about half an hour, but that was more a shock then being courageous. That also happened to Callum who was near my cabin
The day I was late for breakfast was the day I did the high ropes, which is an 8ft high course where you have to get past all obstacles and jump off at the end. First we had to climb up the horseshoes with somebody holding a rope if you fell. So when I got up there I did was the tight rope, followed by the Spiderman web across to the jumping logs, to the semicircle ropes and then jump off and hit a ball at the leap of faith.